1:1 Natural Beauty Consultations

We help individuals take their skincare routines to the next level. During a one to one natural beauty consultation, we will guide you to create new, personal, self-care rituals, with tailored recipes, product recommendations & self-care tips, addressing all of your skin concerns & goals, as well as providing lifestyle recommendations that benefit your skin & your overall wellness for years to come.

Ula coaches her clients into creating lifestyle and skincare rituals that are slower, natural, organic and that actually work without using harsh and harmful chemicals.

*** 20% of the cost of each coaching session can be used towards purchasing any d’still product of your choice.
All consultations are currently conducted remotely via zoom.



What does a 1:1 Natural Beauty Consultation include…

Before your coaching session, Ula will send you a beauty questionnaire which will allow her to determine your skin type, which elements may have an effect on your skin, understand your skincare concerns and discern what you would like to achieve through booking a natural beauty coaching session. Ula comes to your consultation armed with loads of information as to how your can green your beauty routine, to your specific needs and goals. At the beginning of the consultation you will receive your own personalised Green Beauty e-book written by Ula; a customised skincare document especially created for you and your individual skin.


What is typically covered in an online 1:1 Natural Beauty Consultation:

  • Learn why using natural skincare is so important

  • A deeper look into your current skincare routine and any nasties that should be avoided.

  • Recommendations on how to support your skin from the inside out, including a look at lifestyle, relaxation, exercise, diet and sleeping habits

  • Understand how the skin functions and what it needs to be healthy and happy 

  • An introduction to various skincare ingredients including clays, herbs, floral waters, butters, oils, active ingredients and which specific ingredients will benefit your individual skin type and goals

  • Discover which complimentary facial techniques could also benefit your skin including but not limited to massage, steaming and exfoliation

  • Learn which toxic ingredients to look out for, avoid and how to spot them in your favourite products ingredient list

  • Receive guidance on how to choose the beat products for your individual skin, including specific product and brand recommendations

  • Learn how to create basic DIY formulations for your specific skin needs and goals


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