Daily Rituals : Grounding

You will always find your true nature in nature...

We were born to nature, we are of nature, yet so many of us spend much of our lives disconnected from the natural world. Caught up in our hyper connected realties, we have somewhere along the line forgotten the real and tangible benefits a relationship with nature can have on us both mentally and physically. 

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed seems to be a very common side effect of living in the twenty first century. Feeling this way strains our minds, bodies and spirits and can drain us of all our reserves, which can often result in turning to "remedies" outside of ourselves to cover up or distract us from feeling a certain way.


grounding the ourselves in nature


Throughout my life I have always felt drawn to nature in times of anxiety and stress. When I began to look into this many years ago, I was excited to come across research that demonstrated how an exposure to nature can help an individual feel better emotionally and can also contribute to their physical wellbeing; for example reducing blood pressure, muscle tension and even helping to decrease the production of stress hormones.

Our bodies yearn for a relationship with nature; they communicate with the external environment, feel at ease in her presence. Do you feel the pull to nature? To spend time immersed in her sounds, smells and sights? To feel the earth beneath your feet, toes pressed into the grass, soil, sand or dirt? Do you feel it?



Grounding, also known as earthing is a beautiful practice, which involves the placing of feet, the palms of your hands, or your entire body on the earth. Laying on the sand, walking in the grass or swimming in the sea, are all perfect ways to easily, quickly and naturally ground yourself and reconnect with nature.

Grounding can help replenish your reserves, reconnect mind, body and spirit, and give you an overall sense of wellbeing. When you are grounded, you are balanced and feel centred no matter what is going on around you. 

Do you practice this balancing and centering ritual?


 Photos by Ula Blocksage of the beautiful Leila Sadeghee