Vitamin C

INCI: Ascorbic Acid 

Common name: Vitamin C, L-Ascorbic Acid 

What is it: Ascorbic acid also known as vitamin c is a water soluble vitamin found in citrus fruits and other fruits and vegetables. It is also said to act as an anti-oxidant and is essential in maintaining healthy connective tissue and in helping the body to repair and heal. 

Vitamin C skin benefits: Collagen stimulating, skin brightening, redness reducing and a potent anti-oxidant

Why we love it: As we age, our skins natural ability to produce collagen rapidly decreases, which is where vitamin c comes in to play. Vitamin c is well-loved for its ability to aid in stimulating collagen synthesis, helping the skin to appear more firm, plump and lifted. It is also a potent anti-oxidant, helping to protect skin from free-radical damage and is excellent at brightening dull skin tones, reducing hyperpigmentation and at evening out the complexion. 

Which d’still product contains this ingredient: Brightening Radiance Mask

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